Development status and prospect forecast of Asian brushless motor market

With the rapid development of information technology, the global supply and demand of brushless motors have shown a straight upward trend. According to data from Grandview Research, Asia’s market share has reached 46.94%, and it will rise further in the future. Forward-looking forecast, Asia’s brushless motors will reach about 13.55 billion US dollars in 2027.

The development status of the brushless motor industry in various regions of the world, Asia leads the world.

From the perspective of market trends, Asia has developed rapidly due to Japan’s leadership; Japan and China are the main countries in the production of brushless motors in Asia. Japan has established brushless motor manufacturers in many regions and countries around the world due to its leading technology. In China, due to the advantages of raw materials and human resources in the past few years, precision motors have begun to develop rapidly. However, due to the late start of China, the technology foundation of brushless motors is generally low, and the Brushless motors are mostly low-end products. However, with the gradual disappearance of China’s advantages in raw materials and human resources, coupled with the introduction of China’s energy-saving motor subsidy policy and technological progress, China’s brushless motor market will gradually expand.

For Europe, due to its early start, many European countries such as Germany and Switzerland have mastered the core technology of brushless motor technology. As the global market demand for high-end brushless motors increases, European brushless motors account for The proportion will maintain or slowly increase.

According to data released by Grandview Research, the Asian market occupies the world’s first place with market size of 46.94%, followed by the United States, accounting for 21.08%.


Development status and prospect forecast of Asian brushless motor market

Taking Japan as an example, Japanese brushless motor manufacturing has obvious advantages in the IT product field and the automotive field. Only a few companies in the world are capable of hard disk spindle motor technology, including NIDEC (Nippon Electric Manufacturing) and PANASONIC. At the same time, Nidec has The technical market share of optical disc drive spindle motors is more than 70%. Axial fan motors are also the strengths of Japanese manufacturers. Minebea Intec, NIDEC, and Sanyo Electric have a combined market share of over 85%. In addition, most of Japan’s precision machining production lines have basically achieved automation and intelligence, and Japan is the most advanced country in industrial robots, and Japan’s precision instruments have obtained a good development platform.

According to data from Grandview Research, the size of the Asian brushless DC motor market has shown an upward trend from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, the size of the Asian brushless DC motor market reached US$7.8 billion. It is predicted that in 2027, the Asian brushless motor will reach 13.55 billion U.S.