• High precision BLDC motor drivers

BEAK series High precision BLDC motor drivers

BEAK series BLDC motor drivers has two kinds: SA, SD


● DC24V DC48V 220VAC input

● Match BLDC motor 30W 60W 120W 200W

● Digital displayer

● Accurate to 1RPM speed adjustment

● 5kinds of  speed adjusting methods


BEAK Series BLDC motor driver is a high precision speed controller with good performance

  • Rated speed fluctuation is as low as 0.05%
  • Speed adjustment accurate to 1r/m
  • Simple operation, one-key switch for forward and reverse; Switch the knob to Run, the motor runs, switch to STAND-BY, the motor stops


  • The direction can be changed quickly. Move the switch to REV so that the motor rotates in the clockwise direction. Move the switch to FWD, the motor rotates in the counterclockwise
  • Very rich function settings
    A. More than two speeds can be switched through the external input for running

B. Rotation speed setting range

C. Setting of acceleration and deceleration time, the controller rear end is provided with two adjusting knobs, the acceleration and deceleration time can be adjusted easily


Name Rule

The name rule is as follows: 

The models are following below:

You can click it to go to the matched motors.

Speed adjusting

1. Speed setting knob

2. Button setting

3. PWM speed adjusting

When PWM duty ratio ranges from 1% to 98%, the rotation speed will be changed simultaneously. The rotation speed corresponding to the duty ratio will be changed according to the actual regulating range of the upper limit set value of rotation speed.

4. Pulse frequency

When the pulse frequency ranges from 100Hz to 3KHz, the rotation speed will be changed simultaneously.

5. RS485 speed setting

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