• Hybrid Stepper Motors

    Stepper motors for sale, 2phase, 3phase, and geared stepper motor

  • Hybrid Stepper

2 Phase Stepper Motors

This motor is 42*42mm, length 34-60mm, holding torque 0.19-0.75Nm, adapted to MR2 two-phase stepper motor drivers.

This motor is 57*57mm, length 41-98mm, holding torque 0.35-2.6Nm, adapted to MR4/MR5 two-phase stepper motor drivers.

This motor is 86*86mm, length 68-156mm, holding torque 3.4-10Nm, adapted to MR5/MR7 two-phase stepper motor drivers.

Geared Stepper Motors

Stepper Motors with Spur gearbox

Gearbox stepper motors are widely used and have a high performance-price ratio

Planetary Gear Stepper Motors

Planetary Gear Stepper Motors have higher precision and the different ratio can be customized.

Liner Stepper Motors

External Linear Stepper Motor

External Linear Stepper Motor

The external linear actuators incorporate a rotary lead screw and an external translating nut

Non-captive Stepper Motor

Non-captive shaft linear actuator is to allow greater installation coaxially error


Captive Shaft Stepper Motor

Compact structure, which needs no spline mechanical devices

3 Phase Stepper Motors

Three are different sizes of three-phase stepper motors, which are suitable for a variety of digital and economical two-phase drivers. What’s more, customized services are available.

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