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Q: What is the difference between Unipolar and Bipolar motors?

A: A traditional unipolar wound motor has six lead wires. Each winding has a center tap. Unipolar wound motors are typically used in applications requiring high speed and high torque. A traditional bipolar wound motor has four lead wires. There is no center tap in each winding. Bipolar wound motors are typically used in applications required high torque at low speeds.

Q: My stepper motor is running hot to the touch. Is there something wrong?

A: Stepper motors are designed to run hot. Our Hybrid stepper motors are rated to run in an ambient temperature range of 20 degrees C to 50 degrees C and can have a temperature rise of 80 degrees C. It is common for stepper motors to run hot because they are often driven at a constant current.

Q:What is the difference between a permanent magnet stepper motor and a brushless DC motor?

A Stepper motor is intended to be operated in steps. A BLDC motor is intended to be operated to provide smooth motion. Since stepper motors are used for motion control, repeatability of the steps is desirable. That is, if you start at one step, then to another, then back to the first, it should ideally return to exactly where it was previously. BLDC motors are optimized for smooth torque between steps, not repeatability.

Q: What is subdivision?

The function of stepping motor driver subdivision is to improve the accuracy of stepping motor

The stepper motor driver is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacement. When the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle in a set direction (called “step Distance angle”), its rotation runs step by step at a fixed angle.

The angular displacement can be controlled by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve accurate positioning; at the same time, the speed and acceleration of motor rotation can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and positioning.

Q: The size in the specification table is not what I want, can I customize it ?

Sure, we will provide customized services according to your actual need. Flange size, length, motor leads and waterproof, etc.

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