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  • 28H2P4509A6


High-speed response and high accuracy

By adopting the new Cortex-M4 ARM, the lock frequency reaches 80 MHz and the response frequency reaches 500 KHz. The response speed to the pulse command is increased. High-precision positioning is realized by monitoring the operation at every 50 μs and adjusting the position by feedback of the optical encoder mounted on the motor.

Lost loss

Since the current value is adjusted in real time according to the load, it does not step out even under sudden load fluctuations or sudden acceleration. Increase the current according to the rapidly increasing load.

Hunting lets

Positioning Completed Huntingless when stopped. From the feedback from the encoder, you can compare the actual position with the target position, adjust the motion in real time, and stop as soon as it arrives at the target position. Even low rigidity mechanism like belt can be used with confidence.

No gain adjustment, easy operation

It is unnecessary to adjust the gain of position servo with its own control algorithm, and operation is simple.

Fulfilling functions

16 stairstep decomposition with dip switch (200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 8000, 10000, 20000, 25000 P / R) 1 pulse, 2 pulse input, in-position signal output, alarm output and so on.

Immediate identification of alarm content with 4 color LED

It combines red, blue, green, and yellow four LED blinks to display the driver’s operating condition and alarm, so it is easy to grasp the contents.

Encoder cas time possible

Magnetic type, Incremental type encoder is carried. Resolution is 1000 P / R, but various encoders are offered in response to customer’s request.


1 m, 3 m, 5 m General-purpose type and anti-bending type motor cable and encoder cable are available.



How to look at the model number

SS57- □
Sky: Phase
Stepping Servo57 : Flange 57mm Adapt to motorDerived model
86 : Flange 86mm Adapt to motor
110 : Flange 110mm Adapt to motor

Electrical specifications

Supply voltage (DC)48V  24~75V
Output current1~2A
Input signal frequency (Hz)1~500KHz
Input pulse width250~5E+8ns
Signal input voltage (DC)5V  3.6~24V
Signal output voltage (DC)30V(max)
Signal output current100mA(max)

General specification

Operating temperature0℃~+40℃
Operating humidity35~85% RH9(There is no dew condensation)
Storage temperature0℃~+60℃
Storage humidity35~85% RH9(There is no dew condensation)
ElevationAbove sea level 1000m Less than
vibration5.9m/s2 Max
Safety standardCE、UL、RoHS
Insulation voltage1000V
Heat countermeasure2MΩ


How to look at the model number

SeriesFlange sizeMotor lengthAxillaEncoder resolutionIncrementalEncoder type
5000:5000P/RM:Magnetic type

Model numberSM4201A-1000AOSM4202A-1000AOSM4203A-1000AOSM4204A-1000AO
Size [mm]42424242
Step angle [°]
Maximum Static Torque0.250.350.460.75
[N · m]
Rated current [A / phase]
[MH / phase]
Resistance [Ω]
[P / R] *
Axis length [mm]18181818
Axis easy [mm]5555
Motor length [mm]54606880
Mass [g]0.290.340.410.54


TypeCable typeCable length (m)Type expression
Motor cableStandard cable1SW50GM01
Flexible cable1SW50FM01
(Frequency of flexion: 5 million times)3SW50FM02
Encoder cableFlexible cable1SW14FE01
(Frequency of flexion: 5 million times)3SW14FE03
Machine size



Model numberSM4201A-1000AOSM4202A-1000AOSM4203A-1000AOSM4204A-1000AO
Length L2 [mm]18181828
Axial magnets X [mm]5555
Motor length L [mm]54606880
Mass [g]0.290.340.410.54
Characteristic chart


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