• 3MR8

    Digital 3phase stepper motor driver, 1.5-7.8A, 24-75VDC


● Advanced current control.

● Microstep Emulation.

● Anti-Resonance.

● Low noise&heating.

●Advanced DSP-based current control(1.5-7.8A) matches 3phase nema23-nema34

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Electrical indexes

Model number3MR8
Voltage input24-75VDC
Current output1.5-7.8A
Signal voltage3.3-24V
Input Pulse Width250~5E+8ns

General Specification

Environmental factorsEnvironmental indexes
Use occasionAvoid dust, oil stain and corrosive gas
Operating temperature0℃~+40℃
Environment humidity40-90%RH (no condensation)
Vibration5.9m/s2 Max
Storage temperature0℃~+70℃
Cooling modeNatural cooling or forced cooling

Current setting

The peak current output is set through SW1, SW2, SW3 dial switches

Half current locking

Automatic idle current reduction to reduce heat after the motor stops moving for 0.1 seconds if SW4 is set “off”.

Subdivision setting

The subdivision value is set through SW5, SW6, SW7, and SW8 dial switches, and a total of 16 subdivision settings are optional.

Machine size


motor driver 3MR8 dimension

Packing&delivery time


Delivery time

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