• BLDH-350 Brushless Driver

    BLDH-350 DC brushless motor driver is a 220V high-voltage input type driver with high performance, which is suitable for 350W BLDC motor.


Brushless DC drivers are based on advanced control technology for outstanding performance and ease of use. The drive is designed for applications that require high performance, high-speed stability, basic velocity control, simple setup, and a low cost and compact design.

BLDH-350 is designed by ICAN-Tech and mainly for low power low voltage brushless DC motor which less than 300W are adaptive.


■ Economical, affordable, and long life

■ External analog signal speed setting

■ External potentiometer speed setting

■ Alarm indication

■ Max output current P-sv setting


Electrical indexes

Driver parameterMin. ValueTypical ValueMax. Value
Voltage input DC(V)180220265
Current ouput(A)--4
Motor speed range(rpm)--20000
Hall signal voltage(V)--5
Hall drive current(mA)12--
External potentiometer(KΩ)-10-

Environmental indicators

Heat Sinking MethodNatural cooling or fan-forced cooling
AtmosphereAvoid dust,oily mist and corrosive air
Operating Temperature0 - +40℃
Ambient Humidity90% or less(non-condensing)
Vibration Resistance5.7m/s² maximum
Storage Temperature0- +50℃

Machine size

■ Dimensions (Unit: mm)

Packing&delivery time


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