• 3D Printing

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  • 3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing is a way of printing. Through a technology created by additives, the material is continuously and regularly dropped, thus forming a three-dimensional object. Academically we call this process a rapid prototype through which we can establish the final We need physical products and prototypes. The printer is a computer-aided design program, 3D image and animation software work with each other to scan and open the final product can become a physical model for us all.

3d rinting
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Accuracy Requirements

The accuracy requirements and precision control requirements for 3D printers are all very high, and all use of stepper motors is necessary. Most 3D printers on the market use two-phase 42mm stepper motors. The 3D printer is a combination of X, Y, E, and X axes. 34mm is used on the E axis. The Z axis needs 40mm. The X axis and Y axis need a 48mm stepper motor. In general, 40mm will be used. With a screw, for external drive, if the length of the screw is 300 or so.

Stepper Motors In 3D Industry Have The Following Features

low costs

Low Cost


Self-lubrication and maintenance free

Low Noise and Anti-Vibration


Repeat Positioning Accuracy of ± 0.01mm

space saving

Direct Drive Motor and Space-saving

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