• 2MD320

    Very small stepper motor driver, high-cost performance, 2phase stepper motor driver for nema11-nema17


♦ Very high cost-effective. (For inquiry, contact us freely)

♦ Support PUL/DIR mode

♦ Low noise, low vibration

♦ Microstep emulation

♦ Advanced DSP-based current control(0.25-2.0A) matches nema17-nema41

♦ Easy setup via DIP switches for micro stepping resolution(8)


Electrical indexes

Driver parameters Minimum value Rated value Maximum value unit
Output current 0.25 2.0 A
Input voltage 12 24 36 VDC
Input Pulse Width 250 5E+8 ns
Input Pulse Frequency 1 1M V
Input signal voltage 3.6 5 24 VDC

Driver interface and wiring diagram

PULPulse control signal: effective pulse falling edge,
pulse voltage of 5V, maximum frequency of 1MHz.
DIRDirection control signal: High and low level pulse signals,
high level of 5V.
VCCCommon port
ENEnable control signal: When effective(high level 5V),
motor is free. It is used for motor debugging.
GNDPower supply
A+Motor phase A
B+Motor phase B
Current setting

The peak current output is set through SW1, SW2, SW3 dial switches

Half current locking

Automatic idle current reduction to reduce heat after the motor stops moving for 0.1 seconds if SW4 is set “off”.

Subdivision setting

The subdivision value is set through SW5, SW6, SW7, and SW8 dial switches, and a total of 16 subdivision settings are optional.

Machine size




Delivery time

Less than 100pieces: have in stock

More than 100pieces: contact us freely.

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