• Planetary Stepper Motor Nema23

    This motor is 57*57mm, small air gap, large torque, high anti-resonance characteristics, and low heat generation advantages

Nema23 Stepper With Spur Gearbox

Small size, High torque, Low noise, Step Angle: 1.8°, NEMA23, 57x57mm

Nema23 stepper motor gear reducer

● Flange size: 57mm

● High torque and low noise.

● Low-temperature rise and stable operation.

● Economical.

● Low speed with low vibration

● Self-detection, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage protection

● Customization is available


Stepper series motors are high-performance, low-cost stepper motors made by ICAN using high-quality core materials. It has the advantages of high torque, low heat generation, and good running stability.  Our company has strict quality control to ensure high-quality batch consistency of motors. This series of stepping motors are stable and reliable, with superior performance parameters.

      With a planetary reducer, the excellent characteristics of the stepper motor can be better performed. The planetary gear reducer uses several planetary gears to transmit the load simultaneously. Therefore, it is more superior to the general gear device. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, large output, high efficiency, and good reliability. It can achieve the purpose of energy-saving and realize the output of stepping motor with larger torque and lower speed.

high torque stepper motorfeature

Torque is the rotational equivalent of linear force, forms part of the basic specification of a motor. The torque of the motor refers to the torque output by the motor from the crankshaft end. It reflects the load capacity of the motor within a certain range. High torque is mainly attributed to many factors including rare earth magnets, optimized rotors, Stators with maximum winding fill, and laminations, all of which are combined together to realize maximum torque. Increase the output torque of the stepper motor, which means that the efficiency of the motor is higher, and is available without increasing the drive voltage or current.


Improved manufacturing process enables all components of the stepper motor to achieve better matching and a more stable internal structure. Effectively reduce the vibration and noise of the motor during operation. With the advanced current control technology of IRELIA MR series drives, which makes ICAN stepper motor stand out by providing lower noise and smoother operation


The high-strength die-casting end cover design and the low-loss stator lamination design make the stepper motor better thermal conductivity. The optimized stator slot full rate makes the stepper motor generate lower heat and faster heat conduction, thereby greatly reducing the temperature rise of the motor.


Selection Table

SeriesFlangeItemStep Angel(°)Output Holding Torque(Nm)Current
Shaft dia(mm)Shaft length(mm)Motor length(mm)Gear RatioMatched driverDownload
Planetary gear stepper motorNema 2357H2P5442A4-PG051.85.04.214321071:05MR4/MR5
57H2P7842A4-PG10 1.8184.214321311:10MR4/MR5
57H2P7842A4-PG20 1.8364.214321481:20MR4/MR5

■ Motor Dimensions: mm(in)

Torque Speed Curves

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Planetary gear stepper motorNema 2357H2P5442A4-PG05
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