20 years ago, as a civil servant, Julio Wang had a very stable life. But unwilling to be mediocre, he came to Guangdong to find some new chances. He came to a Japanese company, Dongguan Shinano, where he worked for 10years later.

There, he studies advanced Japanese management philosophy, quality control, mass production management. Then Julio Wang became the head of the quality department and was sent to work in Japan. He has always believed that quality is the life of an enterprise, especially for the industrial automation industry. This also strengthens Julio’s belief that to make products, we must make high-quality!

In 2009, Julio founded his own company ICAN Tech. He has always regarded Shinano motor as a benchmark, like a mountain peak to conquer. He wants to make even better products, so he founded his own brand “BEAK”—Beyond the Peak. He firmly believes that a company that puts quality first will become a century-old store.

ican motor brand beak