The 23rd South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition (IAMD Shenzhen) was held in Shenzhen. In the exhibition, ICAN Tech displayed four series of featured products, hybrid servo, precision speed control series, brushless motor and stepper motor, which was appreciated by many industry insiders.

Hybrid servo systems, precision speed regulation series, brushless motor systems, and stepper motor systems are more and more widely used in industries such as glue dispensers, 3D printing, packing as well as CNC. The followings are the demonstration.

Closed-loop stepper                                                                                              High-precision speed-regulating motor control
1. Rich alarm and operation setting display                                                          1. The rich speed control functions
2. The input voltage reaches 80VAC                                                                       2. Speed can be displayed and turned easily
3. Built-in 1000-line photoelectric encoder                                                           3. RS-485 communication multi-axis control








Coreless motor and large inertia control                      Brushless motor constant torque control
1. Quickstart/brake, extremely fast response                          1. Wave-by-wave current limiting is used to get precise control
2. Energy efficiency is 30% higher than BLDC                         2.  Constant torque start mode, which can protect power
3. The running speed is more stable                                         3. Stall torque retention, which is widely used in drilling equipment, anti-pinch,                                                                                                       access control